BMW Motorcycle Repair

BMW Motorcycle Repair

Comprehensive Motorcycle Repair

Having issues with your BMW motorcycle? Allow Bee Mer Werx to repair and replace any components and accessories related to your bike. We have the know-how to get your bike safely back on the road without breaking your budget!

If your bike requires a specialty repair that cannot be completed in-house, Bee Mer Werx will work closely with trusted partners to ensure your bike gets the quality repair that it needs. And, we will always ask for your approval before making repairs, so you'll know exactly what's happening with your motorcycle. 

Diagnostic and Repair Services

Problems are often hidden from the human eye. When a BMW motorcycle arrives to Bee Mer Werx for a diagnosis or repair, a test ride is performed to properly find the problem. We'll then make the repairs you need:
  • Resolve oil leaks
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Electrical, charging systems, and wiring repairs
  • Clutch replacements
  • Fork rebuilds
  • Transmission and final drive repairs
After your bike is repaired, we'll take your bike for another test ride to ensure that the repair work is complete. Your satisfaction as a customer is our goal.

Personalized Attention and Honest Advice

You'll receive the personalized attention that you deserve along with a practical attitude when you choose Bee Mer Werx. We'll explain to you what repairs absolutely must be done at the moment. That way, we can stay within your budget. 

Bee Mer Werx tailors every service to the individual customer and their ultimate goals for the bike. Whether you need a bike fully refurbished and ready to ride on the road, want to restore it and show it off, or dream of owning a fun recreational bike, Bee Mer Werx is your one-stop shop!

Motorcycle Repair 
Call: 520-975-5594
Bee Mer Werx is proudly affiliated with S.E.A.T.
South East Arizona Touring Riders and the Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Club.

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